Today businesses are adapting to the spectrum of data science technologies and these technological requirements need to be supported by robust software engineering. To drive these transformations, companies are looking for professionals who have strong programming skills to build these systems, along with familiarity with data science to understand the nuances of leveraging data to deliver insightful analysis. To enable this, Great Learning has collaborated with IIIT-Hyderabad to offer the Post Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering for Data Science.

The program enables participants to gain an in-depth understanding of software engineering for data science that are widely used by companies. It takes a very practical approach to impart industry-relevant skills, and enables participants to become job-ready.

8 Months
350+ Learning
3 On-Campus
PG Certificate
from IIIT-H &
Alumni Status
Who is this program for?
  • Technology professionals who want to be part of data science engineering teams.
  • Professionals looking to build a unique skillset at the intersection of software and data science.
  • Technology leaders and managers who want to lead data science implementation in their companies.
  • Early-career professionals looking to build data engineering skills.
After this program, you will
  • Become a technology expert who can build scalable technical architecture & software systems for data science implementation.
  • Perform the role of a full stack engineer for data science teams.
  • Become an ideal candidate for roles such as Data Engineer, Data Systems, Designer, Machine Learning Engineer, Technical Systems Architect and more
Software Development Fundamentals
Course 0
Pre-Work [2-4 weeks] Introduction to Programming Fundamentals for Programming
Course 1
Programming in Python
Course 2
Data Structures and Algorithms
Course 3
Object Oriented Programming in Python
Course 4
Course 5
Web Development Frameworks
Course 6
Front End Engineering
Software Engineering for Data Science
Course 1
Software Engineering and Architecture
Course 2
Data Engineering
Course 3
Distributed Systems
Course 4
Software Engineering for the Cloud
Course 5
Data Science at Scale
Course 6
Secure Software Engineering