A part-time Masters (MS) by research program is designed to cater to the evolving needs of working tech professionals. It fosters advanced research skills through exposure and empowers individuals to drive tech innovations. This part-time program is structured around a long thesis project advised jointly by the company and IIITH faculty, with few courses to be taken alongside for the foundational knowledge needed for the thesis.
Who can apply
Tech professionals with a Science/ Engineering degree and at least 1 year of IT industry experience with a keen interest in emerging technologies and technology-led solutions.

Admission Process
A simple admission process. Any professional from the tech industry with the right background, at least 1 year of experience and a company recommendation can apply to get conditional MS admission. (Will get converted to regular MS admission after a semester when two courses are completed and a thesis project idea is in place).
Industry MS program structure
The Industry MS at IIIT-H is a self-paced MS program that offers a dynamic framework to accommodate the diverse schedules of working professionals.

Minimal coursework, with main focus on thesis project
Courses (self-paced)
  • 4 courses + 2 mini projects + thesis: Participants engage in rigorous, yet limited coursework supplemented by a research-based thesis, enabling them to emerge as leaders in their domains.

  • Flexible schedules: The 4 courses can be taken anytime during the 2+ years, and concurrent with the thesis project.

  • Enroll in individual courses, just one course per semester. Any subject of interest in regular UG/PG curriculum alongside full-time students.
Mini Projects
  • 1 project to be taken up early to help scope the thesis project. Later an additional project or a course may be taken in its place.

2.5 - 3 years (summers could be used as a term for projects)
Companies can sign up for bulk registration and choose a specific tech area and faculty as program advisors.

INR 1 lakh per course; thesis is considered equivalent of 6 courses (a total of 12 lakhs over the 3 years).


  • Advanced system-building projects with joint supervision.

  • Industry Project: Collaboration with industry partners for
    system development with joint
Company's custom Masters
Bulk registration

Companies can sign up for bulk registration and choose a specific tech area and faculty as program advisors.

A company can engage with IIITH to structure Masters focussed on certain tech and a specific case of solutions as projects.

Companies gain access to fresh talent and research, driving growth and competitiveness.

Professionals gain cutting-edge research abilities, career growth and organizational success.


The Joint Project

Co-create system research projects alongside research from IIITH, project work can be done in a regular research mode (advised by IIITH faculty) needing more time on campus or a joint project co-advised by IIITH and the company.

Companies can also pick IP projects aligned with its goals, ensuring real-world relevance.

Expert mentorship, hands-on learning, and collaborative effort. Bulk registration from corporates as part of initiatives in emerging tech and upskilling.

Indicative Technology

AI & ML: NLP, MT, CV Robotics Data Science: Predictive models & analytics Cybersecurity: Network security, cryptography; blockchain

IoT Solutions, smart cities & Industry 4.0 Software Engineering: Agile methodologies, DevOps VLSI & Embedded systems Quantum computing
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