In recent years, the gap between research and industry is shrinking. Problems the industry looks at are often the problems research is still working on. Deep and regular conversations between research and industry is needed to build a mutual appreciation of the research state of the art, relevant industry problems, and the solution possibilities.

TechForward:research seminar series. An industry research confluence of thought and dialog around emerging research. A city tech ecosystem initiative anchored by IIIT Hyderabad. Tech majors like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Google, Goldman Sachs are part of th initiative. And so are academic institutions like ISB and also THub. Each month a different organisation will host the talks.

The seminar will have a theme each month. Chaired by a senior leader of the industry who will curate the seminar talks and content. WIth one senior academic researcher presenting the academic view, and a senior industry leader presenting the business & products’ view. End with conversations over networking.

TechForward Series THEMES will include emerging areas like LLMs for enterprise, ML power in data, Quantum computing, AI powered mobility, Software engineering for data sciences AI on the Edge, and Computer Science and medicine.
  Seminar for...
  • Engineering & Product Heads
  • Senior Tech leaders
  • Architect & Product Managers
  • Faculty and researchers
  • Startups & Innovators
  • Investors & Business leaders
  Inform. Inspire. Innovate
JUNE EDITION 21 JUNE 2024   I   3:30pm   I   Qualcomm campus

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JUNE EDITION 21 JUNE 2024   I   3:30 pm   I   Qualcomm campus
AI on the Edge
Computing, Science, and Healthcare
Quantum, really?
Software engineering for data sciences
Goldman Sachs
AI on the edge
Computing, Science, and medicine
Service Now

IIIT Hyderabad FutureTech Research Seminar Series